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Shine brighter with LED signage

Shine Brighter with LED Signage & Display Screens

Chances are you’ve heard of LEDs a billion times. But do you know what LED really means and how it can be beneficial when it comes to boosting your content visibility through digital signage?

What is LED Signage?

An LED (light-emitting diode) is a light source that uses semiconductors to emit light when an electric current passes through it. LED lighting is known for its efficiency, range of colour and long lifespan, making them perfect for outdoor and night-time settings.

In digital signage terms, LED screen solutions are modular display systems that use surface mounted LED technology to display content that can be scaled to any size or shape. It’s said that the world’s largest LED display checks in at a whopping 500m x 32m, proving just how incredibly large you can go!

What are the advantages of LED when compared with LCD screens?

  • Cost Effectiveness

In situations where a large format screen is required (we’d suggest anything over 2m x 1m), LED technology becomes much more cost effective to install and run when compared to conventional LCD screens.

  • Brighter Output

The amount of light emitted by a digital display is measured in nits. The brightest LCD screen is around 3,500 nits whereas IP rated outdoor LED display screens can provide up to 10,000 nits of brightness meaning that LED signage is much brighter and can be seen from hundreds of meters away, making it perfect for outdoor LED signage. 

  • Adjustable Brightness

LCD screens generally do require brightness attenuation, but due to the extended output capabilities of LED, screen brightness can be automatically adjusted using an ambient sensor. This means the screen’s appearance can be dynamically adjusted for the location, ambient lighting or weather conditions. 

  • Suitable For Diverse Weather Conditions

With changeable weather, you need to ensure your signage is suitable for both rainy days and extremely hot days. Our outdoor LED range is made to last in Australian conditions with IP67 rated modules and cabinets protecting screens from heavy downfalls and aluminium module frames that do not warp in intense summer temperatures.
With screens of up to 10,000 nit brightness, and using our true black LED technology, your messages will be able to punch through in bright sunlight even in direct East or West facing locations.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

We already mentioned that LED screens can be customised and scaled to any shape or size, so it really does offer you the potential to do anything – even displaying a curved screen! Yes, you read that correctly. Whilst traditionally LED modules have been manufactured on hard metal, rubber based LED modules are now available, providing you with the option to be super flexible – literally

In what situations is it better to use LED screens?

  • Larger Format Signage

Generally, when you need a screen larger than 2m x 1m in size, LED becomes the most effective option. Scalable modular design has no limits.

  • Outdoors

Think window displays or digital billboards here! With IP rated screens and the bright output they provide, LED screens are often the best choice for outdoor or outdoor facing signage.

  • Portable Locations 

POSTAR, our recommended digital version of a pull up banner on wheels is the perfect product for portability and is often used for conferences, exhibitions, welcome spaces, hotel foyers and car garages.

  • Transparency

Transparent LED screens are see-through and are perfect for situations where you want to place signage in a window, but still want to retain the view and ambient light.

  • Energy Saving

Our ECO Outdoor screens use around 30% less power than other non-ECO variants of LED screens.

  • Sports Stadiums

LED screens can be impact resistant, making them ideal for inside gyms, schools, score boards or sporting stadiums. With our LED design services, we can customise each system’s LED refresh rate so if you’re broadcasting live sports, there will be no visible screen flicker on the live cast.

Of course, it’s not always the case that you will need LED screens. LCD screens can be more suitable depending on the use and purpose of the screen. If you’re not sure whether an LED or LCD solution is best for you, our friendly team will have a chat with you about your needs and will recommend the best option.

For more information on how you can use LED technology to bring your signage to life, get in touch with our friendly Fujivision team.