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The advantages of staggering a digital signage solution roll-out

2. Allows brands to display bespoke content for each location

For every screen in every location, you may want to display a tailored message. Prices, products or promotions may vary by location, for example, or you may want to feature photos of the local area in your signage. With Fujivision’s cloud-based system, it is absolutely possible to do this and display all those different messages. By staggering the roll-out, it allows you to have more time to prepare the content internally. Imagine briefing your Content Creator to deliver assets for 100 screens all in one go. Now imagine briefing your Content Creator to deliver 10 assets a week over 10 weeks. We think we know which scenario would be preferable!

3. Provides the ability for testing engagement on a smaller scale

By utilising real-time audience analytics through digital signage you are able to understand who is engaging with your messaging and how they are engaging. Audience tracking allows you to drill down into the performance of individual advertising assets to view their age, gender, mood and dwell time of your customer. This will provide you with invaluable insight into how well your target audience is engaging with your content. Again, by staggering out your roll-out, you can test messages and test engagement on a smaller scale before deploying assets across your full retail network.

Fujivision offers digital signage solutions for small business through to enterprise customers. We have developed a lightweight scalable, customisable solution using industry leading software and hardware options, offering internal installation, technical support, training resources and audience analytics. Find out more about our solution or get in touch to arrange a demonstration.