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What are the advantages of an integrated digital signage solution


At Fujivision, we offer a fully integrated end-to-end digital signage solution. What do we mean by that? Well, simply put, we work with you to implement and manage your digital signage - from start to finish - and then some. From proposing a customised solution tailored to your business, right through to installation, on-going training and support, we can provide you with everything you need to get set up and running and staying visible.

Whilst there are providers out there who offer each element of the solution for you to implement yourself, here are some reasons why it could be more advantageous for you to look at using the integrated approach that we offer.

2. Potential Cost Savings

By working with multiple customers and purchasing products in bulk, we are able to negotiate deals with suppliers and are therefore often able to pass these economies of scale savings on to you. Going direct to suppliers may mean you’ll pay a higher cost for products or services.

3. Streamlined Communication

As the old saying goes, sometimes there can be too many cooks in the kitchen. Implementing digital signage requires multiple elements, and when there are multiple suppliers involved, sometimes it can get quite complex to manage the project. But with our integrated solution, we like to keep things simple, so you’ll have just one point of communication for everything - including assessment, installation, training and support!

4. On-going Support and Training

When you invest in a Fujivision solution, we invest in you. Not only are we able to manage the project with you, we’re also able to offer internal training and on-going support from our dedicated Fujifilm team, ensuring the solution you choose is truly tailored for your needs.

5. Business Development Opportunities

Post-installation we will regularly check in with you to see how your digital signage is performing. As we will have been involved in implementing all the elements of your solution, we will be able to review how the set-up is working for you and discuss areas for improvement and business development. We will also be able to share details of any industry updates or new technologies as they become available.

6. Audience Analytics

Taking full advantage of Fujifilm's resources and experience, we have access to the latest technology such as audience analytics. This is a very powerful tool which allows you to gain more value from your digital signage investment to help you to understand who is viewing your content and how they are reacting to it. Taking these insights, you can optimise your content to improve your engagement.

Fujivision offers digital signage solutions for small business through to enterprise customers. We have developed a lightweight scalable, customisable solution using industry leading software and hardware options, offering internal installation, technical support, training resources and audience analytics. Find out more about our solution or get in touch to arrange a demonstration.