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Software for DynamIx

DynamIx VU


Diagnostic imaging software with the highest level of image processing technology for testing standards.

Image Viewer / Measurement Software Dynamix VU

DynamIx VU Console
Acquires images from the image reader and adjusts image quality.
DynamIx VU Viewer
Enables assessment of image quality and determination of defects by using various measurement tools.
DynamIx VU Server
Stores data and enables data management.
Client PC
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU at 2.6 GHz or greater
Windows® 7 Professional 64 bit Service Pack 1 English
Server PC
Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 at 3.10 GHz or greater
Windows® Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 English
Standard viewer
21.2 inch 3M high resolution color LCD monitor
Recommended model
EIZO® Radiforce RX340
1536 × 2048 pixels
high grade viewer
21.3 inch 5M high resolution monochrome LCD monitor
Recommended model
EIZO® Radiforce GX530
2048 × 2560 pixels