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[photo] Beijing InfoComm China 2021

Case Study

Beijing InfoComm China 2021

Beijing InfoComm China 2021, the largest professional audiovisual exhibition in Asia, was held from July 21 to 23. In the exhibition area of Fujifilm, we created a dome where visitors could have 360-degree panorama immersive visual experience by using the ultra-short throw laser projectors FP-Z5000/FP-Z8000 with our unique rotating lens equipped and had them experience the projectors’ performance.

Provided visual performance without losing the sense of immersion

In the center of the area, we placed a dome 4.5 meters in diameter where dynamic visual images were being projected. Within the dome, six FP-Z5000 units were blended: four of them were used for 360-degree video projection and two for projection to the ceiling. We had visitors experience an immersive feeling in the dome performance by hiding the Z projector units and exposing only the lenses.

We installed and blended three FP-Z8000 projectors outside the dome to provide an approx. 270-degree projection.

We fulfilled the capability of 8000 lumens with the visual content bright even under the lights in the exhibition venue that offered excellent video quality.

With normal projectors, we would have needed to install twice the number of projectors. However, we were able to prove that we could achieve such high-quality projection with only a minimum number of projectors by utilizing the large screen projection capability and wide lens shift feature that only the Z projector can provide.

We also reaffirmed that such a compact body was easy to hide in the walls and other objects and that this allowed customers to enjoy the sense of immersion.

The rotation of the lens and ultra-short throw are the attraction of Z projectors.

We used portrait projection so that visitors could be more aware of the features and video quality that the FP-Z8000 provides. It allows us to determine the projection direction with only the lens rotation, and the ultra-short throw allows the unit to be installed with a small footprint.

It is a versatile Z projector that you can apply to various situations. We fulfilled the strengths of the product and recognized our unique creativity and high quality because the FP-Z8000 won the Best of the Show award.