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[photo] AMULET Innovality digital mammography station

AMULET Innovality


Digital mammography system that produces high-resolution images with low X-ray dose, Dual mode Tomosynthesis, and comfort functions.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Easy operation and patient comfort

[logo] Amulet Harmony

AMULET Harmony incorporates a range of mammography solutions specifically designed to maintain a harmonious examination environment and foster an atmosphere of trust between mammographers and their patients.

[photo] A patient and a clinician during at a the Amulet Harmony
[photo] Mood lighting to ease patient anxiety on the Amulet Harmony

Mood lighting to ease patient anxiety

Warm indirect lighting is used to illuminate the exposure stand, helping patients to relax and allowing examinations to be performed with minimal stress.

Automatic compression reduction control (Comfort Comp)

This function will reduce the compression pressure within a range (within + 3 mm) in which the thickness of the breast does not change after normal breast compression is completed for the purpose of alleviating the patient's pain. For breast compression, there is a phenomenon (hysteresis*1) where the thickness of the breast becomes thinner during decompression after compression than during compression even with the same pressure. By utilizing this phenomenon, it is possible to automatically decompress it so that the breast condition remains almost the same even if the duration of maximum compression pressure is reduced.

  • *1 Hysteresis: A phenomenon where the state of a substance or system depends on the course of force added in the past.
    L. Han, M. Burcher, and J.A. Novle. Non-invasive Measurement of Biomechanical Properties of in vivo Soft Tissues. MICCAI 2002, LNCS 2488, pp. 208-215, 2002. 
[chart] Automatic compression reduction control (Comfort Comp)
[image] Side by Side of Conventional and Comfort Comp X-ray comparisons

Developer's interview

An Interview with a Comfort Comp Developer :

Fit Sweet Paddle

This type of compression paddle fits to the shape of the breast, allowing pressure to be evenly applied while holding the breast securely and ensuring the breast tissue is adequately separated. Models with the lateral shift function are also available in the lineup.

[photo] Top view of Fit Sweet Paddle of the Amulet Harmony
[photo] Front view of Fit Sweet Paddle of the Amulet Harmony

Shift Compression Paddle


This small compression paddle can be positioned in the middle, right or left side of  the detector at any time of examination according to the positioning of the patient.

[photo] Front view of the 18×24cm shift compression paddle of the Amulet Harmony and an arm going through it


When this compression paddle is used with 18524 cm radiation field, the radiation field remains in the center for the CC position, while shifting to the upper portion of the detector when the C-arm is rotated to a MLO or ML position.

[photo] Top close-up view of the 24×30cm shift compression paddle of the Amulet Harmony
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