Illumina LED Retrofit System

Illumina LED Retrofit System

Retrofit most any flexo press to experience the productivity increases & cost benefits of UV-LED curing

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The new Illumina LED Retrofit System converts any traditional UV or waterbase flexo press to UV-LED curing, typically in half a day.
Illumina represents the most powerful UV-LED system on the market, new or retrofit. The UV energy emitted at Illumina’s 20% power setting is the same as the 100% power setting of other UV-LED curing systems. Patented COLDCURE LED technology delivers up to 44% more energy toward the substrate, resulting in faster curing and incredible productivity and cost-saving benefits:


•    Increase your production speeds on standard paper & film stocks
•    Run high shrink films with no chill-drums
•    Reduce utility energy cost by 86% to 95%
•    Lower maintenance costs with LED lamps that last 20,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for mercury lamps