Illumina LED Retrofit System

Illumina LED Retrofit System



Faster LED Curing Results in Faster Production Speeds

Illumina COLDCURE sets a new standard for flexo printing speed on standard paper and film stock – potentially doubling your print speed compared to traditional UV or waterbase flexo options. The Illumina retrofit technology takes full advantage of the high performance Fujifilm 300 Series inks

Illumina LED Retrofit System cost saving

How Illumina UV-LED Drives Down Operating Costs

The UV-LED COLDCURE is an instant on/off process, dramatically lowering the energy usage and stress on lamp bulbs experienced in conventional “always-on” UV mercury lamp curing. UV-LED also eliminates the costs generated by cooling air blowers, ozone extraction and heat makeup systems. Illumina employs additional patented and patent-pending technology to achieve even greater savings, resulting in significant savings per retrofitted press per year.

Transform Your Production Environment Today

UV-LED flexo printing uses light-emitting diodes to convert electrical current into light without producing equipment-damaging and potential health-compromising ozone emissions. Gone are the noisy exhaust fans and oppressive heat exhibited by traditional UV flexo presses. In addition, no more UV ink odor or mercury bulb disposal worries.

Illumina LED Retrofit System

Retrofit is Quick & Easy

An Illumina retrofit can be completed in half a day and be ready immediately for ink and substrate testing. By the second day, you’ll be in full UV-LED production mode. The compact design of the Illumina system easily fits on most any UV flexo press, at any width. Plus the design’s housing mounts directly on waterbase flexo presses without adding an extra drum as required by other LED retrofit systems.

Innovations Behind Illumina LED

Illumina’s single-piece extrusion design allows large cooling water channels to be located directly behind each LED module. This lengthens cooling time from several seconds to several minutes if the chill-drums stop rolling. The patented designs also produce less heat than competitive LED technologies and overall heat dissipation is much more effective. The small number of insulating layers used and a unique domed lens enables cooling with room temperature distilled water. This eliminates condensation issues as well as increases the lifetime of the water circulation system.

What Customers Say About Illumina

“Fujifilm retrofitted our 8-station, 10″ UV press with their new Illumina LED curing system in half a day and we were in full production the following morning. Since then we’ve experienced better adhesion to static cling applications, stronger color density and better ink mileage, lower noise and a dramatic reduction in power consumption. We also qualified for a significant rebate check from our utility provider for implementing energy reduction initiatives.” — Midwest Flexo Printer