[photo] 4 Calneo Smart Mobile systems

General X-ray photography Indirect conversion FPD device

FUJIFILM DR CALNEO Smart Mobile Solution

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

DR more freely.
A new form of photography that enables you to "do whatever you want"

Cleanliness, waterproofness, and robustness are added to ease of use.

FUJIFILM's Cassetter DR has a structure that prevents liquids from entering, and complies with the waterproof standard I PX6 that can withstand jets from all directions * 1 . Dispels anxiety about blood and vomit.
In addition, it is lightweight yet has a load capacity of 310 kg. In addition to the ease of use so far, we will support hard medical sites with technology that enhances the sense of security.

* 1 Due to the characteristics of the product, its effect is not always guaranteed in the future.

[image] A Calneo Smart wirelessly connected to 3 other devices and a hand holding a stylus pen to the screen of a device

Expand the frequency band

Supports various applications

We have a lineup of cassette FPDs that match the application from various variations.
You can carry multiple cassettes and select them according to your shooting purpose.

[image] x-ray comparisons with different ratios

* We do not guarantee the same effect as the actual grid.


[photo] Dedicated battery charger

Dedicated battery charger  

[photo] Dedicated Battery

Dedicated Battery



[photo] Docking stand

Docking stand

Basic Information

Product name


Brand name

Digital Radiography DR-ID 1200

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