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FUJIFILM DR CALNEO Smart Mobile Solution


The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

DR more freely.
A new form of photography that enables you to "do whatever you want"

Cleanliness, waterproofness, and robustness are added to ease of use.

FUJIFILM's Cassetter DR has a structure that prevents liquids from entering, and complies with the waterproof standard I PX6 that can withstand jets from all directions * 1 . Dispels anxiety about blood and vomit.
In addition, it is lightweight yet has a load capacity of 310 kg. In addition to the ease of use so far, we will support hard medical sites with technology that enhances the sense of security.

* 1 Due to the characteristics of the product, its effect is not always guaranteed in the future.

Equipped with automatic X-ray detection function in Cassette DR

[logo] SmartSwitch

Achieves complete wireless

The cassette type DR panel is equipped with an automatic X-ray detection function "SmartSwitch ® ". The cable connection with the X-ray generator, which was required in the past, is no longer necessary.

[image] A Calneo Smart wirelessly connected to 3 other devices and a hand holding a stylus pen to the screen of a device

Expand the frequency band

[image] Calneo Smart with WI-FI frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz logos

It also supports the 2.4GHz / 5GHz (W52 / 53/56) frequency band.

Check on the spot, comfortable workflow

It takes about 1 second from shooting to displaying the preview image. You can check the captured image quickly and without removing the cassette DR

Smooth cooperation with the in-hospital system

In-hospital network systems such as RIS and PACS can be used, shooting information can be sent and received on the spot in a wireless environment, and images can be transferred to PACS immediately after checking the images. In addition, one "CALNEO Smart mobile system" can be shared by multiple mobile X-ray devices, and can be shared by multiple locations in the hospital in addition to ward photography. In addition, Cassette DR can be shared and backed up with other shooting room systems.

Supports various applications

We have a lineup of cassette FPDs that match the application from various variations.
You can carry multiple cassettes and select them according to your shooting purpose.

Fujifilm's image processing technology that supports mobile photography

[logo] Virtual Grid

[Image processing technology] Virtual Grid Increases the contrast of images reduced by scattered radiation

High-speed and faithful calculation of scattered radiation components that are affected by various factors such as shooting conditions (X-ray intensity, amount, etc.), shooting site, and subject's physique. The noise caused by scattered rays is suppressed and the contrast is adjusted.

[image] x-ray comparisons with different ratios

* We do not guarantee the same effect as the actual grid.

[logo] Dynamic Visualization II

[Image processing technology] Dynamic processing * 1 (Dynamic VisualizationII)

It recognizes parts and structures with different thicknesses of the human body from the converted 3D information, and adjusts the contrast and density.

* 1 Optional

FUJIFILM DR CALNEO Smart mobile configuration example

[image] DR CALNEO Smart mobile configuration workflow example
  • Everything from shooting to management can be operated wirelessly, improving work efficiency.
  • In addition to the CALNEO Smart S47, the Cassette DR can be combined with the large CALNEO Smart S77, the high-quality CALNEO Smart C47, the large, high-quality CALNEO Smart C77, and the small, high-quality CALNEO Smart C12.


[photo] Dedicated battery charger

Dedicated battery charger  

[photo] Dedicated Battery

Dedicated Battery



[photo] Docking stand

Docking stand

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Digital Radiography DR-ID 1200

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