[photo] FDR Smart X X-ray System on a white background

FDR Smart X


A X-ray system providing multi-function, high-quality, solutions with various configurations.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Flexible Solution with System Style Options (Floor / Ceiling)

Coherent Solution for X-ray Room with FUJIFILM modalities and image processing

Compatible and Optimal X-ray Solution

Multi function stand and table supporting efficient workflow

  • *1 Different stand is lined-up for each

Dual Reference Rotation

Not only top reference, but also center rotation can be selected when using 14" x 17"DR panels. This provides flexible solutions, enabling exposure of areas other than the chest without taking out the panel and insert again in rotated direction or using larger panel.

[photo] FDR Smart X DR Panel with an up arrow in white touching the green dotted line at top side of the panel
[photo] FDR Smart X DR Panel with an up white arrow touching the green dotted line in the center of the panel
[photo] FDR Smart X DR Panel with 2 sided curved arrows at the diagonal ends of the panel with a red square border

Automatic Tracking

Tube head and bucky move synchronized with each other supporting positioning for exposure.

Fail Safe Switch

Fail safe switch detects panel in side the tray / bucky. When the panel is not inside the bucky or not inserted properly, exposing X-ray is unable. Thus, false exposure can be prevented.

Generator Line up

Flexible generator line up provides solutions for all environments

Medical Center
[photo] Capacitor Assisted Generator for medium sized X-ray department

Capacitor Assisted Generator

Perfect for the medium sized X-ray department. No power supply modification necessary 40kW Single Phase Input power 3kVA

Country side
[photo] UPS Generator which supplies power for 5 hours

UPS Generator

Supplies power for 5 hours (or approximately 500 shots) without electricity. The ideal solution for regions with unstable power supply 40kW Single Phase Input power 1kVA

[photo] Line Powered Generator which is a high frequency X-ray generator

Line Powered Generator

We can adjust our generator to the workload required in a big hospital.40kW/52kW/68kW/82kW Three phase.This is a high frequency X-ray generator

  • * Some of the functions mentioned on this page are optional. Please contact your local contact window about the details.

Products Name : FDR Smart X(Model name : FDR Smart FGXR)