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ASPIRE Cristalle


A dynamic and intuitive mammography  system built with insight into image quality, operational excellence and patient experience.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Easy operation and patient comfort

[photo] A patient and a clinician during at a the Amulet Harmony

Dedicated mammography AWS (Acquisition Workstation)


High definition second monitor

  • * Some items are optional, please contact your subsidiary for the detail. 

Optimal examination workflow

  • Integrated X-ray controller allows setting and confirmation of exposure conditions on a single screen.
  • Examination screen can be split and switched between 1, 2, or 4 image display.
  • Individual images can be immediately output to a PACS, viewer or printer during an examination.
  • Density and contrast can be easily adjusted while viewing images.
  • Alignment of left and right images can be adjusted both automatically and manually.

High definition second monitor (3M/5M: Optional)

  • A second, high resolution monitor can be added to the AWS making it possible to display previous images recalled from a PACS to ensure the mammographer has access to previous images at all times.
  • For Tomosynthesis, reconstructed images can be displayed.

7 supported languages

Patient information display

The information shown on the display (A) at the base of B the exposure unit can be switched between patient information (ID, name, date of birth, etc.) and positioning information (angle of swivel arm, compression force and breast thickness). Positioning information can also be confirmed on the display (B) on the compression arm.

Shift Compression Paddle


When this compression paddle is used with 18x24 cm radiation field, the radiation field remains in the center for the CC position, while shifting to the upper portion of the detector when the C-arm is rotated to a MLO or ML position.

[photo] Top close-up view of the 24×30cm shift compression paddle of the Amulet Harmony