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ASPIRE Cristalle


A dynamic and intuitive mammography  system built with insight into image quality, operational excellence and patient experience.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

[photo] Introducing Comfort Comp.

For many, the word mammogram is associated with anxiety and fear of a painful exam. Pain associated with mammography screenings results from compression of the breast, which is required to obtain high-quality mammograms at low radiation doses.

Comfort Comp leverages the phenomenon of hysteresis in which soft tissues, such as breast tissue, maintain their position for a period of time before returning to their neutral position. Mammography using Comfort Comp requires that normal breast compression be applied initially to ensure proper breast positioning and to take full advantage of the hysteresis principle. Comfort Comp triggers an automatic reduction in the amount of compression force after normal breast compression is completed and prior to exposure. Once completed, automatic decompression is activated, shortening the time that the breast is under maximum pressure with minimal changes to breast thickness or image quality.

Read the full white paper on Comfort Comp to learn how the feature is designed to augment patient comfort through decreased compression without compromising image quality or workflow by clicking here.

Patented Comfort Paddle designed to improve patient comfort during mammograms

The unique Comfort Paddle allows pressure to be more evenly and gently distributed across the breast compared to conventional, flexible paddles.

  • Slotted paddle edge allows plate to flex to the contour of the breast
  • Bends from center of breast to thinner edges
  • Distributes pressure more gradual and evenly across the breast
  • Allows for more tolerable compression for the patient
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate different breast sizes: 18x24 cm and 24x30 cm
  • Available standard on ASPIRE Cristalle
[photo] Patented Comfort Paddle
[photo] Patented Comfort Paddle

Mood Lighting and Decorative Wraps

[photo] Mood Lighting and Decorative Wraps

Warm indirect lighting and decorative wraps are used to illuminate the exposure stand and help to foster a calm and relaxing environment. In turn, it helps to ease the anxiety associated with mammography thus allowing examinations to be performed with minimal stress for the patient.

[photo] Mood Lighting and Decorative Wraps

* Some items are optional, please contact your subsidiary for the detail.