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ASPIRE Cristalle


A dynamic and intuitive mammography  system built with insight into image quality, operational excellence and patient experience.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.


Innovative and Forward Thinking

FUJIFILM’s forward-thinking, 3rd generation Mammography system is highlighted by its detector technology. An Amorphous Selenium material with direct capture conversion technology is uniquely designed with FUJIFILM’s patented Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) detector pixel design with improved data capture resulting in a high DQE with sharper images at lower patient dose (approximately 20 % in comparison to conventional square pixel design). An industry highlighted feature of 50 micron displayed pixels with a notably fast 2D preview image time of 5 seconds.

With an insight on patient experience, FUJIFILM’s patented Comfort Paddle with unique 4 way tilting compression evenly distributes breast tissue that is tolerable for the patient and yields optimized image quality with less patient dose. In addition, Intelligent AEC (iAEC) technology optimizes exposure by adapting for each breast type including breast implant characteristics.

FUJIFILM’s Advanced Feature- Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) has a 4 second, 15 degree continuous sweep that yields 15 image projections. FUJIFILM’s S View, synthetic 2D, images have equal if not better image quality than conventional FFDM when compared.

FUJIFILM’s processing technology, Dynamic Visualization II for Mammography (DVIIm), uses AI-based feature recognition to optimize image sharpness, edge enhancement and dynamic range control. FUJIFLM's Excellent m - Iterative Super Resolution (ISR) reconstruction is used in the place of the conventional FBP technique to reduce out of plane blurring artifacts and reduces granularity of the sliced image.

With an emphasis on operational excellence, FUJIFILM’s One Shot QC Phantom M Plus simplifies and speeds technologist’s workflow by completing 10 quantitative tests in a single exposure yielding a 5 minute weekly QC routine.

[photo] ASPIRE Cristalle digital mammography system and workstation

Enhancing the Life of People Worldwide

In every woman’s life, there are moments where imaging solutions will make the difference. Early detection is the key to breast cancer outcomes with mammography central to the fight. Where wellness, peace of mind, and even life are on the line and the unique insights radiology offers provide answers.

That’s where you’ll find Fujifilm Medical Systems with over 9,000 global Aspire Cristalle installations and 80 years of imaging breakthroughs behind us. Our unrelenting drive to discover what’s next enables us to continually deliver value from innovation. At Fujifilm we are proud to introduce the Aspire Cristalle to Canadian customers so we can contribute to these victories against disease and doubt because we know they can change a woman’s life. As needs evolve, we’ll be here acting on insights, driving innovation, inspiring hope and together with our customers have a lasting and profound effect on women’s health.

[photo] Four women with different colored hair standing next to each other in row
[photo] Introducing comfort cup

Products Name : ASPIRE Cristalle(Model name : FDR MS-3500)