February 14, 2023

Dalí and Cadaqués, captured by Meli's camera, inaugurate the new exhibition space of Fujifilm's Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona

  • The exhibition brings together 85 images of the village and the artist.
  • WPS Barcelona is expanding and there are now 107 spaces with this concept in Europe.
  • Fujifilm's photography division accounts for 39% of the Japanese company's business in Spain.

Barcelona, 14th February 2023.- For almost four decades, the photographer Melitó Casals, better known as Meli, captured in great detail the landscape and people of Cadaqués, including one of its most illustrious neighbours: Salvador Dalí, with whom the photographer was a great friend. This relationship was captured in part of the Figueres photographer's archive which, from 14 February until 15 April, is on display at Fujifilm's new Wonder Photo Shop (WPS) showroom in the centre of Barcelona.

Entitled "Meli, Cadaqués, Dalí", the unique exhibition, which until now could only be visited at the Museum of Cadaqués, offers the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional testimony: the photographer Meli's view of Cadaqués and Dalí, between the 1950s and 1990s, through 85 snapshots. These images reflect the changes that this small town in the county of Alt Empordà underwent over almost 40 years, in which the presence of the genius of Figueres and his universe are reflected in several snapshots.

With it, Fujifilm inaugurates the Wonder Expo, a new 250 square meter exhibition space on the ground floor of its Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona. It is a multi-purpose space, created to continue promoting photographic culture and the arts from Barcelona to the world. Barcelona was the city chosen by Fujifilm to set up its first European Wonder Photo Shop.

"Barcelona has always had a very special relationship with the world of photography. That's why we at Fujifilm didn't hesitate to choose it as the starting point for the project in Europe," says Eduardo López, director of Imaging at Fujifilm Spain.

Thus, in October 2015, just one year after launching this global project in Tokyo, the Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona, the first in Europe, opened its doors at Carrer Gran de Gràcia number 1. Fujifilm currently has 107 shops implementing the WPS concept on the continent, spread across 17 countries (including Spain).


Firm commitment to photographic culture

Since its origins, Fujifilm has made a firm commitment to photographic culture, and today it is the only company in the world that offers all types of products and services for the photographic ecosystem, from capture (analogue and digital) to printing in all possible technologies.

Today, the Imaging division, as the photography area is known in the Japanese company, accounts for 39% of Fujifilm Europe's business, with a turnover of around 0.7 billion euros out of a total of 1.8 billion euros.

In the case of Spain, the weight of this division is somewhat above the European figure, reaching 45% of the total at the end of fiscal year 2022.

Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona, its evolution in the world

Located at number 1 of the popular Gran de Gràcia street in Barcelona since 2015, the Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop combines innovation, creativity, design and technology, with the aim of improving the experience of photography lovers, both digital and analogue, as well as their training in the use of the brand's products, so that they can get the most out of them.

It is a concept that has expanded to several countries on different continents around the world, with the aim of becoming a benchmark for photographic culture in all its versions, both for amateur users and for top professionals. And not only focusing on cameras and lenses, but also on increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly photographic printing systems.



About Fujifilm Spain

Of Japanese origin, Fujifilm has more than 50 subsidiaries throughout Europe and employs some 4,500 people in R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer service. Of this total, 230 work in Iberia (Spain and Portugal). The company's branches on the continent serve the fields of healthcare technology, biopharmaceuticals, electronic materials, industrial and chemical products, graphics systems, optical devices, data storage media and the entire spectrum of photography.

Over the past 20 years, the Fujifilm Group has focused strongly on healthcare, from diagnosis to prevention and treatment. In addition, it offers all patient care services, such as diagnostic equipment, R&D and manufacturing of CDMOs in advanced therapies, gene therapies and vaccines, as well as providing cell culture media and regenerative medicine solutions.

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Pedro Mesquita, Toshi Iida, Shin Udono, Eduardo López and Jordi Casals (Meli's soon) at the WPS exhibition

Some images of the 'Meli, Cadaqués, Dalí' exhibition