Innovation, the currency of the future

Leadership through innovation.


Investing in ideas.

Every year, FUJIFILM Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox) invests more than US$1 billion in the research and development of leading-edge document processing technology and products. 

The innovative award-winning products and solutions we develop are designed to transform how you do business. We take your future success very seriously. 

Innovation, the cornerstone of our business

FUJIFILM Business Innovation builds on innovation. We convert opportunities into strengths for our clients. We look at the technology in the market and the way your customer’s behaviour evolves and transform the findings into very real business gains for a highly competitive world. 

We have 50-years of innovation and experience behind us. Our future-facing commitment to our clients is to maintain the same level of technological momentum we are already renowned for. 

A future focussed on change

True innovation reflects not only improving how you can work now, but anticipates and prepares for the impact of future market trends.

We can’t say it enough – innovation underwrites business transformation. From changing how we perceive and manage office printing, to enabling production print businesses to maintain relevance in a digital world. From understanding the new paradigm of personalised marketing, to optimising the flow of information through your business. We are already thinking years ahead.

We’re committed to developing the technology solutions you need to thrive, compete, grow and transform.