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Stakeholder management, Marketing automation, Digital communication, Email automation,  Email marketing

DigiComms – A digital communication solution for schools 

DigiComms by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia is a new service that is designed to assist schools with digital communication.

Whether you’re sending out communication as part of an email marketing effort to promote your school or trying another communication channel, how do you know you’re going to get the response you need?

To reach a busy audience our communications have to be relevant, interesting, simple to understand but rich in content and have a purpose which is no mean feat when you think about how many times we need to communicate every day.

How can you deliver successful communication?

So, how do we know if a communication has been successful? Who has read it? Does it need an action or response? The simple art of communication is becoming increasingly complicated. So, we’ve simplified it for you.

Our digital communication solution allows you to track communications to improve your stakeholder management including parents, staff, students, alumni or the whole community so you can measure the success of your communications.

DigiComms for Schools

From email marketing to email automation, SMS and multimedia, DigiComms helps make the change to better stakeholder management.

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Stakeholder management, Marketing automation, Digital communication, Email automation,  Email marketing

How DigiComms can work for your school

With over 15 years’ experience delivering graphic design services to schools across Australia and a deep understanding of digital communication, email marketing, marketing automation and more, we have developed a selection of automated digital communication solutions to provide schools a choice of how they want to connect with their stakeholders. Our service allows the flexibility to lean on our experts who are fully trained in Australian Privacy Principles or you can choose to manage your own communications from within your school portal. Service features include: 

  • Cloud based portal securely hosted in Australia 
  • Simple marketing automation including email marketing, SMS and other multimedia packages 
  • Reporting of responses to communications allowing you to improve stakeholder management over time

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DigiComms packages for schools

Critical information pack

This pack is designed to increase the likelihood of critical information reaching your audience successfully.

Switch to digital pack

Designed to help schools transition their audience to a digital environmental helping reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Digital data validation pack

Enabling schools to contact staff /parents /alumni to validate their contact details, update vaccinations records or simply to select the types of communications they prefer to receive and how.

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Event and award pack

This fully personalised multimedia package enables schools to promote new initiatives or events. The automated campaign creates personalised 2 way conversations in both digital and print.

Community promotion pack

Print still plays an important part in any successful communications plan. This multimedia package makes your printed material work harder. Designed to talk to your local community and invite them into your controlled online environment.

Personalised prospectus pack

From the initial engagement with any school, parents need to feel comfort and confidence in the fact that they are making the right decisions for their children’s wellbeing, happiness and future.
This multimedia marketing automation pack does exactly that. Start a one to one conversation with prospective families by presenting them with your digital or printed prospectus personalised for their family – and track their preferences to ensure relevant future communications.

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