Leading the World with Business DX. Transforming the flow of information, Transforms the flow of business.


Utilise the Knowledge, Empower the Business

Business DX streamlines the flow of information to empower business.

Want to enhance productivity? Start with Business DX where we integrate and utilise diverse knowledge, resources, and data (including various in-house documents). 

We address challenges such as IT personnel shortages and complicated workflows and help to transform your organization into a highly competitive enterprise. Our DX solutions establish a resilient infrastructure, enabling business continuity due to sudden natural disasters.



Business DX Story

“Business DX”: Building a Resilient Business

See how we transform the flow of in-house information and help businesses build stronger corporate management.

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* The solutions/services introduced in this movie may not be available in some countries/regions.


DX Landing Page
Information is what connects people to people, enabling speedy decision-making

Activating communication with members in multiple locations enables rapid utilization and distribution of information, thereby facilitating quicker management decisions.



Regardless of industry or scale, we optimise and manage the flow of information, from documentation to sharing and collaboration, enabling seamless resolution for business and social issues.


How we help different industries

Business DX is versatile. For Office Solutions, we create IT environments to enable different work culture and adoption. For Business Solutions, we transform corporate management while for Graphic Communication, we create a richer customer experience for our customers.


Creating new environment connecting people with information and improving business processes
Integrated Work Process, Transforming the Way You Work


Enjoy a one-stop cloud solution connecting existing systems and business processes via a single platform.

Providing One-stop Managed IT Services
Providing One-stop Managed IT Services

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We enable our customers to work confidently with a secure IT environment via a robust network (both onsite and remote). Providing comprehensive support for IT operational management, tailored to the size and needs of our customers, ranging from a single PC to a one-stop solution.

Our MFPs and printers - the gateway to transforming your workstyles
Digitizing Data with Fujifilm Multifunction Device


Management of paper documents has evolved over time with our multifunctional devices, from printing and copying to digitising and sharing digital data via cloud. Fujifilm Apeos multifunction devices, the gateway to enjoying your digital transformation success.