Enterprise Portal and Collaboration

Break out of the silos and use your data smartly.

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To maintain competitiveness, it is vital that information are shared and not reside in silos. Collaboration and content sharing will allow for fast information discovery, better decision making and increased productivity. Relevant and reliable content will also need to be delivered accurately, timely and in a usable form. 


  • SharePoint Platform Services to provide a business collaborative platform to drive productivity, efficiency and innovation. SharePoint Platform Services' features include:
    • Corporate Intranets, Extranets and Web Portals
    • Sharing and Collaboration of Content
    • Content Management
    • Enterprise Information Search
    • Dashboard and Reporting
  • DocuWorks from FUJIFILM Business Innovation provides data migration, workflow improvement and management of multiple documents across a variety of formats through a single interface.
  • Enterprise File Sharing platform that provides for secure sharing and collaboration internally and externally, on any device from anywhere.
  • Integrate and connect  with FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction printers for a complete digital transformation.


  • Customer and user-centric experience that simplifies interaction with content and thus increase customer and user satisfaction.
  • Ensure that business information can be controlled and managed through effective data management systems to adhere to audit and compliance requirements.
  • Enterprise portals provide an interface that connects customers, users and teams to information, content and knowledge, thus creating valuable collaborative relationships and achieving business goals.
  • Centrally managed repository allows for easy access to expertise, knowledge and collaboration. Through collaboration, employees will find knowledge to solve problems, help customers, develop products and make decisions.
  • Secure File Sharing enables organisations to get new  customers and partners up to speed and immediately bring them into their business community, thus helping businesses to expand and grow.