FUJIFILM Business Innovation Capture Services helps our clients digitise their workflows and upderpins a “Start Digital, Stay Digital” approach. Digital transformation is driving massive business change in every market, and the first stage of any digital transformation program is digitisation.

Put simply, with Capture Services, we take physical documents and scan them to produce a digital image. This can be as documents are created, received or from archive. Once transformed into a digital records and indexed for recognition, the task of a storing, retrieval, reference and of course preserving enables our clients to reclaim space, increase productivity and have more control of governance to comply with legislation. 

We provide Capture Services either on customer premises or offsite at our secure facilities. In doing so we deliver:

  • Increased security and control of important documents
  • A disaster recover mechanism, preserving document from mould, floods and fire
  • Consistent digital enabled processes for future document management
  • Simplified, quicker and more reliable access and storage solutions

Whilst typically records may be recognised as A4 paper documents – records also include many unconventional formats – all of which we are able to assist with

  • Large format documents – A1 & A0
  • Photographs
  • Microfiche & film
  • Historical bound fragile books and annual reports
  • Building plans, property blue prints for residential, property management and council
  • Receipts and invoices
  • Development and claims applications.

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