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If your print fleet is vulnerable, so is your reputation

According to a recent survey into cyber security by Barracuda, 68% of Australian businesses have been targeted at least once, and 38% multiple times. This means treating cyber security as a theoretical threat is no longer tenable. It’s here, now, and affecting the majority of businesses in Australia.

While respondents report the loss of customers and mission-critical data as their number one security concern, followed by the overall tech security challenge and associated costs, something even bigger can be at stake. Your very reputation. That’s why you need to take a fresh look at the security of your printer fleet.  

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Print Environment Security

Device security, document security and data security: that’s MPS Guardia™ secure. With MPS Guardia™, you can be confident your workplace is compliant and always secured against breaches.


Visibility and Control

Your dashboard on the MPS Guardia™ portal gives you the visibility you need to take timely and actionable decisions, identify vulnerabilities and better manage your print environment.

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Support Automation

Automated and predictive support guarantees your print environment is always accessible to your employees.

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The need for a secure workforce strategy

Most organisations are aware of the need to secure endpoints such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices as part of their defence against cyber attack. But to be truly effective you need to go further. Protecting your workforce and the sensitive data they use from security threats demands a secure workforce strategy, built around a ‘zero-trust’ model. This will involve multiple layers of security measures and policies that work together to minimise risks, detect and respond to security incidents, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Importantly, this needs to include an often-overlooked category: your entire fleet of printers and multifunction devices (MFDs). These are vulnerable potential entry points for cyber-attacks, and a significant source of risk to your entire network if not properly secured. Committing to a secure workforce strategy means addressing that risk effectively. Which is where MPS Guardia™ comes in. Purpose-designed for distributed printer fleets, it will ensure a vulnerable back door to your network is shut, meaning your secure workforce strategy becomes reality.

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Complete cloud compatibility

With MPS Guardia™, you can choose a cloud-managed print service (CMPS) with all print management software and infrastructure hosted by FUJIFILM Business Innovation on remote servers. Your organisation and staff can access, oversee and control everything necessary through the internet.

Highly secure, flexible and scalable, a cloud managed print service option comes with other benefits too:

  • It can be accessed from anywhere making it perfect for distributed workforces
  • You avoid upfront capital expense, paying for the resources your organisation actually uses thus saving you money
  • Data stored in the cloud it is less vulnerable to physical theft or damage from natural disasters
  • It can help reduce your environmental footprint by cutting paper waste and energy consumption, as well as optimising print workflows and reducing the number of physical devices
  • No on-site server rooms, saving office space.


Perfect on premise

You also have the option to have MPS Guardia™ hosted on local servers within your organisation’s network and accessed by your staff locally.

Able to be closely monitored and managed by your IT department, you’re in complete control. And, by its localised nature, an on-premises solution can be less vulnerable to external security threats. There are other benefits too:

  • Centralised print management lets IT administrators monitor and control printing activities more easily, reducing the time and effort required to manage individual devices.
  • Cut printing costs by tracking and controlling printing usage directly, reducing unnecessary print jobs and optimising print resources
  • Improved security and compliance through being able to set your own access controls and permissions, track document usage, and protect sensitive information from unauthorised access
  • Optimised printing resources and fewer unnecessary print jobs reduces environmental impact
  • Streamlining print management allows your IT administrators to focus on more strategic tasks, improving overall productivity and efficiency.




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All that’s good about MPS Guardia™

MPS Guardia™ takes a holistic approach to printer fleet management and protection, with end-to-end layered security. From the devices themselves to documents and data, it offers best-in-class protection against ever-increasing cyber threats. And it’s more than a powerful security solution. It delivers seamless control, improved uptime and enhanced productivity in one trusted package.


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In a world of ever-increasing threats your printer fleet represents a potentially vulnerable back door. Lock it, and lock threats out, with MPS Guardia™ from FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

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