Device management tips

Manage your device during the holiday period

Before you have your holiday-break there are a couple of simple steps you can take to help make your return to the campus or classroom is hassle free when it comes to your printing needs at the start of term. 

Useful End of Year Maintenance Tips

  1.  Remove all the paper from each of the printer trays in your device.

    Poor quality paper is the major cause of paper jams. By leaving paper in your trays over the break it is subject to the influence of either increased or decreased moisture content. Moisture content directly affects reliability and print quality. Too much moisture can cause excessive curl, jams, and print quality problems. Moisture levels that are too low may cause static problems, which can also lead to jams and misfeeds as well as causing difficulties in post processing paper handling.

  2. Correct Paper Storage and fill trays with a new ream of paper in each device on return.

    Where possible paper must be as free as possible from dust and contamination. If not controlled, contamination from paper dust eventually causes difficulties, downtime, and a need for service.

    Build-up of paper dust and loose fibres is one of the leading causes of service calls and correspondingly lost productivity. For this reason, we recommend all paper is stored in a cool dark place and not removed from its wrapper until it is time to use the paper.

    Upon your return we highly recommend re-filling your trays with new clean paper to reduce any downtime that may be experienced due to paper quality being contaminated over the holiday break.

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