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Introducing the Fujifilm ApeosPro™ C810/C750/C650 Printer.

The next-generation hybrid platform designed to enable businesses to print outstanding collateral.

Make printing your creative, marketing and artwork quick and simple. Print everything in-house, from POS banners and posters, packaging, brochures, books and flyers - they can all be printed in your office when you need them. The ApeosPro™ is a hybrid printer, meaning not only will it ace your creative, it will still print all your office documents like invoices, letterheads and templates.

The image quality will not let you down. Print beautiful pictures, corporate colours and logos - over and over again with perfect colour accuracy and consistency. 

The ApeosPro Series is perfect for a business that requires:

  • A device that can create flyers and catalogues quickly, so you can take advantage of business opportunities
  • A device that can create professional quality POS banners, packaging, flyers, and more
  • A device that can make beautiful in-house samples that are confidential, such as mock-ups of new products
  • A device that can print on a wide range of papers such as lightweight paper, cardstock paper, and embossed paper
  • A device for general office use, in terms of functions and operability
  • A device that can print colour consistently, so you can print beautiful pictures, corporate colours and logos
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Print like a professional

Want to learn more about the Fujifilm ApeosPro™ C810/C750/C650 Printer? Visit our ‘print like a professional’ microsite and discover a new world of possibilities. Browse through a library of helpful resources including, an interactive configuration tool to help demonstrate the modular capabilities of the ApeosPro™, an industry book with print information curated for a wide array of different industries, and more.

Register your interest now for the ApeosPro™ Printer and combine XMPie® uDirect® Studio NG for highly personalised online and printed creative marketing collateral.  

Fujifilm Business Innovation

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uDirect® Studio NG is an integrated suite of XMPie® desktop software tools— uCreate Print and uImage® — that create communications with more impact and relevance through advanced variable data customised images. With uDirect® Studio NG, you can create impressive variable data-driven documents designed with Adobe® InDesign®, and personalised images and illustrations using XMPie® uImage®,Adobe® Photoshop®, and Illustrator®. Download the uDirect® Studio NG brochure here

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