FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Elevates Office Communication Experience with Solutions by Fun Technology Innovation

Full-service solution promoting effective and seamless communication for businesses adopting varied workstyles to stay connected

April 6, 2022

SINGAPORE, 6 April 2022 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific today announced its partnership with Fun Technology Innovation Inc. (FTI) for FUJIFILM Business Innovation to distribute FTI’s broad portfolio of office communication equipment and business solutions to ease hybrid workstyle challenges in the Asia Pacific. Sales*1 of the equipment and solutions will be available from April onwards.

With the pandemic and changing work trends, businesses are now more reliant on technology and process automation to stay connected regardless of location. Adopting remote communication and collaboration tools is an integral consideration to enjoy effective cross-teams communication and to constantly engage their internal and external stakeholders.

Office Space Optimisation

A challenge that businesses face with their reduced physical office is the shortage of meeting rooms and huddle areas with fully equipped video and tele-conferencing technologies. FTI’s flexible and portable solutions powered by AI and panoramic stitching algorithm enable effective remote meetings in standard meeting rooms as well as at huddle spaces within the office. This allows businesses to optimise their office space without the constant worry of insufficient meeting rooms equipped with communication tools for employees.

AI Powered Virtual Meeting

The “Digital Table” solution powered by AI technology and powerful integration capabilities, aggregates digital contents, wirelessly casted devices, and camera videos together to create the most seamless discussion. You can now share your screen, annotate key discussion points, organise and share multiple files instantaneously with remote attendees – employees or customers, regardless of location, thus creating an enhanced user experience in a virtual setting.

"We are extremely excited to start our partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific and complement their existing offerings with FTI’s “Digital Table” solution to transform the experience of virtual meetings," said Eric Lee, founder and CEO, Fun Technology Inc. "Effective video conferences require more than just the traditional elements of video and audio technologies. By considering the user experience when collaborating, content sharing and annotating, we believe video conferences can be equally effective as any physical meetings. Our proprietary products and solutions combined with the Reactiv SUITE technology will enhance and engage attendees in any remote meeting. We are committed to establishing a long-term partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific.”

“Digital transformation is not just about cloud hosted data and security, we need to consider the user experience,” said Av Utukuri, Chief Technology Advisor, Fun Technology Inc. “We have spent years researching the neuroscience of how our brains engage with information and people during a remote meeting. Using these principles, we created Reactiv SUITE that can help any presenter bring out their presence, share content readily and help their audience to focus on the key message. I am very excited to work with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific to bring this solution to the Asia Pacific market.”

"No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges to all businesses, but it has also helped to catalyse digital transformation initiatives for many,” said Mutsuki Tomono, President, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific. “The partnership with FTI is timely as most businesses have either adopted hybrid workstyles or a reduction to their office space. This allows us to help businesses create enhanced and connected communications and bring about innovative and fulfilling workplaces. The one-stop solutioning that FTI provides helps to ease the challenges that businesses’ face in sourcing for multiple office communication vendors.”

FUJIFILM Business Innovation changed its name from Fuji Xerox last year. Since then, the Company has evolved into a digital innovation company that is committed to delivering innovations to meet the needs of their customers’ business challenges. The company leverages on their digital technologies and expertise in business processes to provide value to customers worldwide by addressing critical and practical business issues to create innovative and fulfilling workplaces.

  • *1 Please check with your local FUJIFILM Business Innovation office on the availability of the solutions.

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