FUJIFILM Business Innovation

A message from our top management

Continuing to Take on Worthy Challenges to Pursue the Business Innovation Embodied in Our New Company Name

Kouichi Tamai: Chairman (left)
Hisanori Makaya: President and CEO (right)

On April 1, 2021, Fuji Xerox changed its name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp., a name that embodies our commitment to continue as a company within the Fujifilm Group that always pursues business innovation. On the same date, we also renewed our management structure.

Following our foundation as Fuji Xerox in 1962, we revolutionized office work with the technology that allows duplicating information on paper; xerography. We also established not only a ground-breaking business model focusing on a rental service providing utility rather than providing devices, but also offered a wide range of products and services to support customers in creating value. Having now switched to the world-renowned Fujifilm brand, we will extend our operations across a worldwide stage. We intend to concentrate the technological prowess and knowledge of the Fujifilm Group to accelerate the creation of synergies to deliver revolutionary products and services to a wider range of customers.

As businesses become diverse, globalized, and increasingly competitive on a daily basis, work processes need to be efficient for faster decision-making. There is growing importance to develop an environment that allows new value to be created by circulating and sharing information, quickly and accurately. Utilizing information and knowledge to improve the strengths of an organization to its fullest potential is an important factor in bringing forth innovation.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation utilizes the technologies and expertise cultivated over the years to determine the best ways of converting necessary information into optimal formats and then swiftly distributing and sharing that information. We will resolve customers’ business issues and contribute to growth in all aspects of their business by, for example, supporting their digital transformation (DX) journey by optimizing their business processes and helping to strengthen their own customer relationships through effective communications. Moreover, we will not only provide solutions to individual companies but also with a wider scope to local governments and communities, by offering an environment that encourage people to heighten their creativity through the utilization of information and knowledge.

The way people work has changed rapidly and dramatically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our raison d'être as a global manufacturer in this current era is to pay close attention to changes in the market caused by COVID-19, create products and services that satisfy any consequent new market demands, and ensure their timely delivery. We are determined to continue taking on worthy challenges that befit a true global leader focused on promoting innovation in its customers’ businesses.

Kouichi Tamai
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.

Hisanori Makaya
President and CEO
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.