FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Financial Performance

Financial Performance (US GAAP)

Revenue (consolidated)

FY2018: 1,005.6 Billion yen, FY2019: 958.3 Billion yen, FY2020: 854.7 Billion yen

Operating Income (consolidated)

FY2020: 96.4 Billion yen, FY2018: 105.0 Billion yen, FY2019: 73.3 Billion yen

  • Note These figures represent the revenue and operating income of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation's "Document Solutions" segment, which is equivalent to FUJIFILM Business Innovation (consolidated).


Consolidated revenue by business segment

(FY2020) Office Products & Office Printers: 55.5%, Solutions & Services: 29.2%, Production Services: 11.3%, Other: 3.9%