FUJIFILM de Mexico Embarks on Office Printers Business by Launching the Smallest and Lightest A4 Color Printers in Their Class Developed by FUJIFILM Business Innovation

April 28, 2022

Mexico City, Mexico, April 28, 2022 — FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. of Japan and FUJIFILM de Mexico jointly announce today the first launch of Fujifilm-brand office printers in Mexico. Mexico is the first country in the western hemisphere where Fujifilm Group will introduce its innovative office printers of the Apeos product lineup based on dry-toner technology. The partnership between the two companies initiates FUJIFILM de Mexico’s business expansion to office printers.

Initially, FUJIFILM de Mexico will be offering three A4 size printers which are the smallest and lightest in the world in their classNote 1. The stand-alone printer ApeosPrint C325 dw, a 3-in-1 multifunctional printer Apeos C325 dw, and the Apeos C325 z which integrates duplex auto document scanner feeder and fax functions.

With proven history of research and development and as a market leader in office printing, FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s color and image management expertise has been key to developing cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the most demanding eyes of the Asian market. Since its foundation in Tokyo in 1962, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been a leader of pioneering efficiency in office work. The Company’s strong innovation pace led to its breakthrough developments such as the world’s first multifunctional printer / copier in 1987. FUJIFILM Business Innovation revenue for fiscal year ended March 2021 is 854.7 billion Japanese yen (approximately 7.45 billion USD at 114.73JPY/USD), which makes up for 39 percent of the FUJIFILM Holdings revenue (fiscal ended March 2021).

“We are thrilled to bring FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s printers to Mexico and help improve business processes and work efficiency in our market,” said Enrique Giraud de Haro, President and General Manager, FUJIFILM de Mexico. “This year we celebrate 50 years of successful partnership with the Fujifilm Group and there is no better way to celebrate than bringing more business and more innovation to our dear Mexico. We look forward to beginning the roll-out of the new Apeos printers and take advantage of its unique features.”

“I am honored and truly excited to deliver workplace efficiency and productivity through our printing solutions to Mexico,” said Ken Sugiyama, Corporate Vice President, FUJIFILM Business Innovation. “Together with our strong partner FUJIFILM de Mexico, we will be able to offer cutting edge printing technology to the Mexican market. Apeos devices offer high printing quality, superior performance and security with a small footprint which is key to optimize document flow and office spaces.”

About ApeosPrint C325 dw / Apeos C325 dw / Apeos C325 z

Compared to conventional models, ApeosPrint C325 dw and Apeos C325 z have approximately 40% less body volume and weight due to the incorporation of newly developed engines. Their compact size meets the needs for A4 printers to be used in a limited space such as store or bank counters and clinic receptions. The printers have no compromise on performance, image quality and data security. It supports continuous printing speed of 31 sheets per minute on A4 size and 41 sheets per minute on A5 sizeNote 2 in both color and, black and white. Stable image quality is also ensured with the newly developed LED Print Head that corrects the light level, and FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s proprietary IReCTNote 3 technology that corrects the image quality.

With the Secure Print feature, SMBv3/TLS1.3 support and password protection for incoming faxNote 4, important information is protected. For multiple-device installation, the setting in the first device can be cloned (replicated) to multiple devices. This function will reduce the time required for setup procedures and increase the operational efficiency and productivity of customers.

  • Note 1As of April 2022, in the A4 electrographic color printer and multifunction printer segment with color/monochrome continuous printing speeds above 30 prints per minute (A4 simplex).
  • Note 2When continuously printing the same A4 sheets or A5 sheets (ordinary paper).
  • Note 3Image Registration Control Technology (IReCT) is a digital image registration control technology that enables the correction of image misregistration at the ultra-fine resolution of 2,400 dpi.
  • Note 4Available only for Apeos C325 z.

About FUJIFILM de Mexico

Founded in 1963, FUJIFILM de Mexico has been a FUJIFILM partner since 1972 and has consolidated their market leadership across the Healthcare, Graphic, Photo Imaging and Recording Media divisions in Mexico and Central America. With over 400 associates and 1,200 active customers, FUJIFILM de Mexico has the firm purpose to position the FUJIFILM brand in its markets to reach market leadership across all their business units, through its outstanding sales, after-sales, technical and finance teams and capabilities.

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