FUJIFILM Business Innovation Enables Direct Viewing and Searching of DocuWorks Documents on Cloud-based Contents Management Service, Box

Expands the value of document handling software DocuWorks through collaboration with Box, Inc.

June 23, 2022

TOKYO, June 23, 2022 - FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. has begun a collaboration with Box, Inc., a U.S.-based document management services company with the world's leading share in the field. This collaboration will position FUJIFILM Business Innovation to provide value to more users by linking DocuWorks, which boasts a total of more than eight million licenses sold in Japan and overseas, with Box, which is used by over 100,000 companies around the world. Specifically, direct viewing and searching of DocuWorks documents (extension: xdw) - FUJIFILM Business Innovation's document handling software - will be enabled on BoxNote 1, a cloud content management service provided by Box, Inc.

DocuWorks (Figure 1) supports the digitization of work operations, which had been carried out by people in the office using paper, without significantly changing work processes and systems, thus contributing to boosting the efficiency of work operations using a PC in a telework environment such as at home. DocuWorks documents can also be instantly shared with other users by uploading created documents directly to cloud storage.

Fig. 1 Outline of DocuWorks

Conventionally, there was a need to download a file to a PC each time in order to view a DocuWorks document stored in cloud storage. Not only that, document searches could only be done by file name which sometimes took time in order to locate the desired document. However, through collaboration with Box Inc., DocuWorks documents stored in Box can be viewed directly on Box without having to download to a PC. In addition, the full-text search function of Box allows users to search through the contents of the stored documents. These convenient improvements enable search and view of necessary documents and supports work from anywhere, not only at the office but also at home or on the go, thereby improving work efficiency while supporting various work styles such as telework. (Figure 2)

Fig. 2 Illustration of improved linkage between DocuWorks and Box

Operational efficiency through telework and digital transformation (DX) has become an imminent issue, and workers must be ensured that they can do what they had been doing in the office anywhere, without the need to significantly change their work processes. FUJIFILM Business Innovation is committed to continue supporting the digital transformation (DX) of its customers by creating an environment where workers can search and view electronic documents anywhere, anytime.

  • Note 1Box is a Content Cloud that provides secure content management across the document lifecycle on a single platform. As a content management platform with advanced and flexible security dedicated to corporate use, more than 100,000 companies use Box around the world.

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