FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Congratulates 31 Winners on the Global Innovation Print Awards 2024

May 23, 2024

SINGAPORE, May 23, 2024 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific announced today the winners of the Global Innovation Print Awards (GIPA) 2024. Heartfelt congratulations to 31 winners from eight countries for their amazing entries.

With Innovation Print Awards (IPA) extending global submissions this year, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific received an astounding number of 179 submissions from 16 countries in the Asia Pacific, Germany, India, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

This year’s design entries were unorthodox, illustrating a clever fusion of various applications, technology and colours, especially on the use of specialty colours. The extra cost and effort incurred from using specialty colours were often barriers to design decisions. But with the advancement of production technologies, ease of use and wide availability of specialty colours, these unique colours have become integral with designs decisions, especially for digital printing.

“The landscape of printing is undergoing a transformative shift, with digital print emerging as a powerhouse of innovation,” said Paul Callaghan*1, Independent Judge, 2024 Global Innovation Print Award. “The Global Innovation Print Award (GIPA) bore witness to the ascendancy of digital printing, where once perceived limitations have been shattered, and new frontiers of creativity have been unlocked. From stunning special colours to awe-inspiring designs and applications, digital print has not only closed the gap with conventional methods but has emerged as a trailblazer in its own right.”

"It is great to witness how our valued customers and the wider market are increasingly adopting progressive technologies into their applications, enabling win-win scenarios for our customers, and ultimately their end customers," said Hiroshi Kida, Corporate Vice President, Executive General Manager, Graphic Communication Division, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. “Fujifilm as an industry leader in toner and inkjet, is committed to creating an integrated approach for our customers which will result in a printing experience tailored to the needs of the market. For example, through continuous R&D, we are now able to offer unique colours to our customers easily and readily. Making specialty colours accessible to all, enabling next level applications are no longer a luxury, but a prerequisite for growth.”

Best Innovation Award 2024 Global
Category: Books
Entry Name: TWE Design Book
Printed On: Revoria Press PC1120 / Jet Press 750S / Acuity Select 48

WEGNER GmbH, winner of the “Best Innovation Award 2024 Global” wowed the judges with its TWE Design Book using Revoria Press PC1120, Jet Press 750S and Acuity Select 48. As the first winner of this award, WEGNER has exemplified avant-garde design creativity by leveraging on the different advantages of Fujifilm technologies and cleverly adopted specialty colours and different paper media to produce this award-winning masterpiece. Jet Press 750S produced vibrant photo images, Revoria Press PC1120 utilised white for reverse printing on transparent media while Acuity Select 48 printed on silver metallic foil.

Category Winners Company Name Location
Best Innovation Award 2024 Global Winner WEGNER GmbH Germany
Art Reproduction Winner Image Quality Lab Co., Ltd. Thailand
Runner-Up Ideastore (Hong Kong) Limited Hong Kong SAR
Books Winner WEGNER GmbH Germany
Runner-Up Nanjing Amity Printing Co.Ltd Chinese
Photobooks Winner Suvi Color Spot India
Runner-Up CC Joint Printing CO Guangdong Ltd Chinese
Brochure, Catalogue and Leaflet Winner Rajams Digital Offset Prints India
Runner-Up WEGNER GmbH Germany
Calendar Winner Journey Box Digital Printing Indonesia
Runner-Up Khang Viet Design & Printing Co. Ltd Vietnam
Company Self Promotion - Other Winner KPP Packaging Pte Ltd Singapore
Creative Design Winner Beluga Ltd (a subsidiary of the Hung Hing Printing Group) Hong Kong SAR
Runner-Up 2T Group Production & Trading Co. Ltd Vietnam
Direct Mail Winner Shandong Daoke Graphic Printing Co., Ltd Chinese Mainland
Runner-Up Pen's House Wedding Invitation Vietnam
Folding Carton Winner IN NHANH CO Co., Ltd Vietnam
Runner-Up Solusi Digital Batamindo (Print Art Batam) Indonesia
Flexible Packaging Winner Fadel Digital Printing Indonesia
Rigid Packaging Winner PT Suburmitra Grafistama Indonesia
Runner-Up Nanjing Yihao Printing Digital Graphic Imaging Co., Ltd Chinese Mainland
Food & Drink Menu Winner Neo Digital Co., Ltd. Thailand
Runner-Up MIW Group Co., Ltd. Thailand
Multi Piece Campaign Winner Gibon Boras Sweden
Runner-Up chloe Copy Center Indonesia
Sustainability Winner Okumura Printing Co. Ltd. Japan
Use of Specialty Colours Winner VBS AB (Visual Business Systems) Sweden
Runner-Up Tara TPS South Korea
Use of Technology Winner Fotofabriek Netherlands
Wide Format Applications Winner ARC UK Technologies Limited UK
Runner-Up Beluga Ltd (a subsidiary of the Hung Hing Printing Group) Hong Kong SAR
  • *1 Judges serving on the panel include Paul Callaghan who is the chairman of the Regional Asian Packaging Conference and Asian Print Awards committee, and a publisher at Print+Packaging Innovation Asia magazine, the region's only print industry magazine.

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