FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Super EA-Eco Toner

In an aim to continually reduce our impact on the environment, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been actively pursuing technological innovations to increase the energy efficiency of our multifunction devices and printers.

Achieving world-class low-temperature fusing performance

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’sEA-Eco toner, which has low-temperature fusing performance that is among the best in the world, has been evolved even further in order to develop our Super EA-Eco toner, which boasts a fusing temperature approximately 10℃ lower than that of EA-Eco toner. Fig. 1 shows changes in the viscosity of Super EA-Eco toner relative to temperature.

With Super EA-Eco toner, EA-Eco toner’s property of changing sharply in viscosity in relation to temperature has been further enhanced, allowing it to melt even more quickly and thus reach sufficiently low viscosity even at lower temperatures. This has enabled the minimum fusing temperature of Super EA-Eco toner to be reduced by approximately 10℃ compared to EA-Eco toner, which contributes to reducing device power consumption. This was made possible by our newly developed sharp-melting polyester microdispersion technology, which allowed us to achieve a toner with low-temperature fusing performance without sacrificing its heat durability.

Fig. 1: Super EA-Eco tonerfs changes in viscosity relative to temperature

Sharper reproduction of small characters and thin lines and reduced graininess

Super EA-Eco toner also has one of the smallest toner particle sizes in the world, thus enabling higher print quality. Adopting toner with such a small particle size makes it possible to reproduce small characters and thin lines more sharply, render halftones and gradients with less graininess, and reproduce dot shapes more faithfully, delivering superior print quality.

Fig. 2: Image of dot reproduction