FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Split Printing

  • Split Print
  • Print your favorite photos taken on your digital camera or smartphone by reducing their size printing them together.

    Since prints can be divided into 2 to 24 photos, there are various ways in creating prints, depending on where your ideas lead you! Enjoy by pasting them on albums and message cards!

    • Split Print is not printed on sticker paper.

Divide your prints into however many photos you want, from 2 to 24. Regardless of the number of divisions, the price is 40 yen for L size, and 100 yen for 2L size per sheet!

Since you can choose and combine your favorite photos, you can enjoy Split Print in a variety of ways, depending on your ideas. How will you use this function?

Use the Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone to print your favorite photos on your smartphone on the spot! (iPhone/Android)


Smartphone app Seven-Eleven Multicopy (free)