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ID Photo Printing

Print When You Need One

Are there times when you are not happy with your resume photos and driver's license photos. In that case, use "ID Photo Print". Take multiple shots on your digital camera or smartphone, and choose the photo that is your favorite. Then, all you have to do is print it at Seven-Eleven!

  • Qualifying examinations
  • Individual Number Card (My Number)
  • Resume
*Check the size, etc. beforehand.
*ID Photo Print is not suitable for passport applications.

Printing in Various Sizes

You can specify various sizes depending on your needs.
3 x 2.4 (cm), 4 x 3 (cm)
4.5 x 3.5 (cm), 5 x 5 (cm)

Use your favorite picture that you took yourself!

Normally, if you go to a photo shop, it takes at least one hour to print ID photos. With the multi-copier's Photo Printing, it only takes a few minutes, even including the time to operate the machine.

Low price!

An affordable 250 yen per sheet! At such a low price, printing is so convenient!

Beautiful Skin Correction

Of course, the Beautiful Skin Correction function can be used for ID Photo Size Printing as well.

Printing photos on your smartphone

Use the Wi-Fi communication function to print your favorite photos on your smartphone on the spot! (iPhone/Android)