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Today, in the age of digital transformation, businesses must be agile and responsive to new ways of doing things, doesn't matter if you are a small business or multinational enterprise. FUJIFILM Business Innovation is committed to provide digital transformation solutions that help businesses explore different ways of working, helping you to work smarter, faster and efficiently to get things done right.
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Fujifilm offers a wide range of high quality A3 multifunction copiers and printers, with plenty of choices in speed, size and capabilities that work best for your workgroups and organizations. Our introduction includes:

  • Exceptional printing performance
  • High speed scanning
  • Enhanced finishing options with staple-free stapling
  • QR code mobile connectivity
  • Document encryption and scanning protection


Fujifilm A4 printers provide outstanding color, compact and delivering high print performance mainly designed for your business. It also able to link up to the entire process of document handling

  • Edit documents efficiently
  • Transferring and creating documents.
  • Gather and process information.
  • Share operating procedures and coordinate with your team

DocuWorks Cloud is a new Cloud-Based Workspace that unified the handling and management of the digital documents, helping you to achieve:

  • Better collaboration and teamwork
  • Remote working arrangement
  • Anywhere anytime document accessibility
  • High efficiency in document flow
      Take your document-related communication to the next level with DocuWorks Cloud 



All-in-One integrated interactive display consolidating traditional devices such as projector, webcam, microphone, speaker, and whiteboard into one single interface. Save space, cost and easy to move from one place to another. It provides:

  • Wireless connection for content sharing.
  • Remote working collaboration.
  • Whiteboard 2.0 where saving, sharing, and browsing information can be done seamlessly.
  • Smooth meeting processes for effective team discussion.  
  • Screen recording to record offline discussion.

A.I. being the future of the next level business operations were making workspace productivity and business growth to be more efficient and smarter to execute or achieved. With Fujifilm BI A.I. Cloud DMS that’s opens to a whole NEW WAY to get daily business operations completed and secure.

Simplifying the whole DMS process from the conventional method of today to a more intelligent and self – learning automated process with A.I.

  • A.I. Auto Classifications / Tagging - where the documents will automate classification and tagging the document so to be able to search later.
  • A.I. Powerful Search-Engine - for full page keyword search, with the capability of the built-in OCR which will able the search of the documents be more efficient and easier.
  • A.I. Auto Filing - to the correct folder where the documents will automate class the document into the designated folders and enable the tagging of the documents to be able to search later.

For customers with a need to optimize and secure their print and document environment, the new integrated and flexible Guardia service platform is driving a positive customer experience through:

  • Automated support through predictive technology
  • 24/7 visibility and control
  • Enhanced print environment security with timely information

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