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Timing is crucial when it comes to sales.
Before any deals can be finalised, there is the matter of getting approving signatures. Many businesses still rely on printed paper contracts, which requires the presence of all parties involved so they can give their physical endorsement by signing on the contracts. With this time-consuming manual action, it can delay the signing process, cause frustration and even introduce new unknown risks at this concluding stage.

e-Signature enables people to digitally sign or add their digital signature to speed up your business transactions securely. Thanks to FUJIFILM Business Innovation, you can now finalise business transactions and business deals anytime, anywhere with e-Signature.

e-Signature transforms your sales process

e-Signature is simple, secure and easy to use. FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s e-Signature solution allows for the creation of digital signatures that help to speed up the turnaround time, to create, track and sign contracts.

Process contracts within seconds, in just a few clicks with our digital signing solution. Aside from saving costs, you’ll also save your most valuable resource – time.

Why should you adopt e-Signature?

e-Signature can help your business simplify and streamline its business processes. Want to learn more about how you can take your business to new heights with FUJIFILM’s e-Signature solution?
Here are the benefits of digital signing versus traditional signing:

  • Save time & costs
  • Reduce the risk of human errors
  • Enhance security
  • Impose legal value
  • Automate processes
  • Protect our environment


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Over the years, e-Signature has become an integral solution for any business that strives to maintain its competitive edge. The rise of e-Signature has only been accelerated by the pandemic, which strengthened demand for remote business solutions. Like virtual meetings and remote collaboration suites, digital signatures are the way forward. Leverage the flexibility that digital signing offers with FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s e-Signature, for greater business efficiency and profitability.

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