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Take control of your printing environment, curb excess usage, and reduce overhead costs.

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FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Print Management Solution puts you in control of your printing environment, helping you curb excess usage and reduce costs. We have introduced a convenient and easy-to-use Print Management solution that does the monitoring and measuring of your printing. It also provides the information that you need for strategic decision making. With our print management and print workflow automation solutions, you can now explore better ways to meet your consumers’ demands while fulfilling your organisation’s environmental sustainability goals.


When handling large printing quantities, it can be easy for costs to spiral out of control. This is especially so in a busy office environment without workflow automation to manage and prevent excessive usage. With one click, lengthy documents can be printed by mistake, wasting resources irrevocably.

It has been shown that up to 40 percent of printed paper in the average office ends up in the recycling bin. The majority of this is unwanted print from banner pages, reprints or test pages.

As an organization that is committed to environmentally friendly practices, you will need a solution that puts you back in control. If you are looking for a simple way to track and measure the print activity across your entire organization, our print management solution is for you. Save valuable resources, allocate budgets accurately and maximize your profits.


Our comprehensive print workflow automation solution enables you to monitor your print environment from a centralised, web-based dashboard. You can track and account for every print, copy and scan. With detailed reports tailored to your specific requirements, you’ll have all the information you need to understand your current print behaviour and work towards creating a more sustainable workplace.
Adopt Print Management which can help to reduce paper use and prevent wasteful printing. Now, you can do your part for the planet and still meet your productivity targets.
Our solutions store all print jobs on a server, so you can release them from any device with user authentication. Devices can display how much each user has printed along with the total cost incurred. They also show the target value defined by administrators for colour printing, duplexing, etc. This alleviates the administrative burden while raising the cost-consciousness of users.
Create and enforce print policies using Print Management. Simply configure double-sided or black and white printing that will automatically reduce costs without relying on user awareness.

For example, users can select exactly what they want printed while at the device. Everything that is left in the print queue is deleted, eliminating unwanted printing completely.
By allocating resources accurately, you can avoid wastage and cut costs. Our solution also helps you uncover hidden expenses in printing, so you can streamline your systems and operate more efficiently.


What you will get with our Print Management Solution

  • A centralised Print Management, allowing you to conveniently monitor all print activity from one web-based dashboard.
  • Ongoing analytics that will help you make timely decisions and enhance performance.
  • Tools to track printing volume and costs by user, department, or device.
  • On-demand print capabilities to manage and reduce unnecessary print jobs as well as increase your printer’s data security.
  • The option to change or automate a print setting before a job is released.
  • User authentication via password, card, or PIN to avoid unauthorised usage.
  • Secure guest printing that releases print jobs only after the fee has been paid.
  • Rule-based Print Management policies, (e.g., automatically converting to grayscale and double-sided or disabling colour printing by user group).

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