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Too much time is spent on looking for data

According to IDC, workers are spending up to 30% of their workday searching for information1. These wasted hours stem from how business data has been scattered across different systems, emails, folders and even within paper documents. What causes even more delays in daily operations is that many are still relying on paper approvals and manual processes, which have led to multiple fragmented data repositories.


Difficulty in looking for information workers need, which are scattered across data pools


Reduced productivity with unnecessary hours devoted to searching for the right files


Decreased quality standards from messy document trails and file-naming conventions

Manage information efficiently and securely with Intelligent Information Management

Keep your data under control, anywhere, with Intelligent Information Management (IIM). By managing information based on “what” it is, rather than “where” it is stored, IIM distinguishes business-critical data from clutter, allowing businesses to focus on information that matters most as you automate office work.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), IIM also frees organisation to focus on the right information while automating core business processes. Employees can thus be more flexible and productive at work, while adhering to guidelines and regulations. This helps businesses stay competitive while meeting regulatory compliance. Whether you have 10 or 100,000 employees, IIM can help you work better as part of your digital transformation journey.

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Manage business processes and data on a single platform while still using your preferred applications

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Utilise business-critical information with automated workflow

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Search and collaborate using information in any system or repository with AI-driven meta data

1 IDC, ”The High Cost of Not Finding Information”

Data growth has complicated data accessibility

Companies are managing an explosive amount of information today—and this data will only continue to grow even more rapidly than before. And with many businesses still heavily dependent on paper, finding the most effective way to manage and sift through these information silos is becoming more complex. In addition, the legacy IT systems that underpin many businesses is causing them to realise the importance of agility in adapting to changing market demands.


Poor customer experience due to complications around data and information accessibility, which stems from vast amount of content


Difficulty in navigating between physical documents and digital information


Greater need for collaborative technology due to an increasingly global and virtual workforce

Gain better access to data with Enterprise Content Management

Integrate paper documents with digital processes through Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which digitises and stores content centrally. Capture, index and store content with ease. Physical and digital documents from any source—be it mobile apps or multifunction printers can be captured and securely uploaded onto the platform. Protect sensitive data and minimise risks with user- and group-based access, auditable tracking, and reporting and retention. And with powerful search capabilities, you can find business-critical content online and offline from your desktop, on a mobile device or a multifunction printer (MFP).


Digitise, store, manage and secure business-critical information


Automate key business processes and workflows


Enhance collaboration and file-sharing by managing content in teams, easily