Fast track your contracting process by eliminating bottlenecks

Signing document using efficient contracting process Signing document using efficient contracting process

Agreements are integral to any business

But delays in contract signing disrupt operations, and errors made during manual and paper-based process can negatively impact turnaround time. Not only are these time-consuming, but any mistakes can also result in customer dissatisfaction, penalties, and potential litigation.

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Time-consuming approval and signing process

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Lack of visibility during the approval process—both internal and with customers

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Potential legal risks due to delays and mistakes in contracts

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High costs of delivering contracts either in-person or through printing and postage

Get speedier approvals with e-Signature

Enable signers—be it customers or vendors—to sign anytime, anywhere with e-Signature. By eliminating physical signatures, users can upload and send the contracts they need to be signed in seconds, with signers securely accessing contracts from their devices.

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Sign contracts anytime, anywhere, through your preferred device

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Get instantaneous updates and greater visibility into the contract status

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Benefit from enterprise-grade security with proven data encryption technologies

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Integrate e-Signature with existing systems and tools, such as ERP and CRM

The contract lifecycle involves many people across the organisation

The foundation of any business is built upon its contracts, from offer letters for new hires to sales contracts for vendors and customers. But the time taken before and after the signing process is often underestimated, slowing down the pace of business, especially when manual processes are involved. As we move towards an increasingly digital society, traditional means of contract management will only be burdened by the weight of these processes.

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Slow processes that are prone to human errors

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Increased security risks with poorly stored contracts, emails and other communications

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Inefficient and inconsistent contract mark-ups and redlines

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Time-consuming reporting and audit preparation

Do business faster with Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline the contract lifecycle with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), which automates tasks before and after signing. Businesses can connect and track their processes, while orchestrating complex workflows from contributors to approvers. These allow contracts to be managed across the organisation easily.

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Collaborate easily, while improving negotiation and driving faster approvals

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Secure contract storage and version tracking

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Improve cashflow management by closing deals quickly, while making cashflow more predictable

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Enhance compliance by increasing transparency across the organisation