USB Connection LTO Tape Drive (Partner Products)

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World's Only USB Connection LTO.High Speed USB3.0 LTO Tape Drive.

World's Only USB Connection LTO Tape Drive

UNITEX USB LTO-8 Archiving Solution

  • World’s first USB3.0 interface tape drive developed by UNITEX
  • Easy to use without requiring special knowledge and skills
  • Ideal as an entry model for backup and archive in a small-scale environment
  • USB/SAS Hybrid model is also available according to use environment
  • Up to 12TB native storage capacity per tape cartridge

USB3.0 interface and High Speed data transfer (240MB/s)

LT70H USB achieves a 70% improvement in data transfer speed over the conventional LT70 USB. It can be used easily on laptop PCs that can not install SAS interface. Because data transfer speed has drastically improved to 240MB/s, it realizes a stress-free backup /archive.

Writing time of LTO-7(6TB) 1pc

Support global industry standard backup software

  • UNITEX LTO tape drive LT series support Acronis Backup, Arcserve Backup, VERITAS Backup Exec, Quest NetVault Backup, etc.

LTO tape drive as a countermeasure for Ransomware

  • It is not possible to access from network because LTO tape is managed off-line.
  • Data can be retrieved without depending on the computer by using LTFS3000.