USB Connection LTO Tape Drive (Partner Products)

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World's Only USB Connection LTO.High Speed USB3.0 LTO Tape Drive.

Easy backup/archive from a laptop PC to LTO tape

  • Ideal as an entry model of LTO tape drive
  • Ideal for hardware migration in a small-scale environment where backup and archive with DAT160 was executed
  • Realize the storage of large amounts of data with the latest LTO-8
  • Space saving of tape storage location

Storage of large amounts of high resolution video data

  • Archive video asset such as film/VTR
  • Responding to archive media’s requirements as the amount of video data increases

Archive data shot by surveillance camera

  • Archive large amounts of video data under the situation that the number of surveillance cameras with high resolution/colorization increase, which are used in various scenes such as crime prevention, food defense, etc.

Storage of electronic medical record/medical image data, Data exchange with other hospitals/research institutes

  • Archive large amounts of data that increase in volume due to higher resolution of electronic medical record/medical image data
  • Long-term storage of medical data, Exchange of data between hospitals