USB Connection LTO Tape Drive (Partner Products)

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World's Only USB Connection LTO.High Speed USB3.0 LTO Tape Drive.

GUI utility which enables all the operation of LTFS on one window (Standard)

LTFS3000 GUI utility

LTO Tape File System Software

  • Enables all the operation of LTFS on one GUI.
  • Enables data transfer/copy/deletion by drag & drop operation from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder easily.
  • Multiple LTO drives can be used simultaneously
  • Data can be shared and exchanged in multiple OS environments (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Archive software providing data storage and off-line management function (Optional)


LTO Archive software

  • Archive large amounts of data such as video data and surveillance camera data
  • High speed archive & retrieve
  • Off-line management for the archived data
  • Reliable Job History Management function
  • Consistency check for the archived data
  • Import media management information from other software

Data copy software (Optional)


LTFS Data copy software

  • Simultaneous copy to maximum 4 media (LTO/HDD)
  • High speed copy by UNITEX unique algorithm to shorten the processing time
  • Execute integrity check of copy data by verify function
  • Job history management