Jet Press Components


Shorten development time with a pre-built printbar

  • Compact form factor for flexible incorporation into your printer design (120 x 550 mm)
  • Printheads installed & adjusted in factory
  • High-precision printhead positioning
  • Easy printhead replacement

Anti collision sensor

Detects and avoids objects that could contact printhead (e.g., breakage, damaged edge, folded corner).

  • Printbar moves upward to avoid damage.
  • Printbar returns to print position when object has passed.

  Ink circulation

All major single-pass ink functions in a compact housing

  • Provides circulation, degassing, filtering, temperature control, and ink refill
  • High nozzle back pressure stability for consistent image quality

  Capping unit

Maintains printhead performance over time

  • Retains optimal printhead performance even over extended periods without power.
  • Prevents deterioration of jetting performance by controlling temperature and humidity.