FUJIFILM Italia - Bolzano Local Operating Unit

The main activities of the Unit are technological research in the IT field, design and development of software products and applications, consulting on digital solutions for the Healthcare. The activities are carried out by the professionals of FUJIFILM Italia - Medical Informatics Research & Development Unit.

The Bolzano Unit of FUJIFILM Italia develops software products for the Healthcare, using state-of-the-art information technologies.

  • SYNAPSE Dose is the software of FUJIFILM Italia aimed at monitoring and analyzing the data concerning the radiation dose delivered to the patient during diagnostic procedures, having as references the European Directive 59/2013 / Euratom and Legislative Decree 31 July 2020, n ° 101.
  • SYNAPSE Theca is the software of FUJIFILM Italia that allows the long term preservation of electronic documents in accordance with the law, guaranteeing their confidentiality, integrity, availability, reliability and authenticity. In virtue of its SYNAPSE Theca software, FUJIFILM Italia is registered in the Marketplace of Preservation Services of AgID – the Agency for Digital Italy..
  • SYNAPSE Value is the new generation software platform, based on cutting-edge information technologies, modular, scalable and constantly growing, designed and developed by FUJIFILM Italia for the advanced management of Diagnostic Imaging workflows and reporting activities.
  • SYNAPSE Workflow is the software of FUJIFILM Italia for the management of Diagnostic Imaging workflows, installed in dozens of Italian Healthcare Facilities. 

SYNAPSE Dose and SYNAPSE Value software, implement some integration profiles / integration actors of IHE - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, as indicated in the IHE Integration Statement documents.

The Bolzano Unit of FUJIFILM Italia has an Information Security Management System that applies the relevant mandatory laws and the requirements of the ISO 27001 Standard with respect to which the Management System is certified to be in compliance for the activities of:

  • Design, development and consulting of software solutions for the Healthcare; 
  • Digital Preservation Service of electronic documents. 

At the base of the Management System is the Information Security Policy, in which FUJIFILM Italia defines the primary objective of protecting both the information and data processed and stored, and the technological, physical, logical and organizational structure adopted for their management.