FUJIFILM Italy - Local Operating Unit Bolzano

The Bolzano Local Operating Unit hosts the Medical Informatics Research & Development Unit and is the result of the incorporation into FUJIFILM Italia of Syncro-Med S.r.l., a company active since 2001 already owned by FUJIFILM Italia itself.

FUJIFILM Italy's Bolzano Unit develops software products of particular interest to healthcare professionals, using "state-of-the-art" information technology:

  • Synapse Workflow e Synapse Value are software for the management of information and work flows intended for the Diagnostic Imaging Units of Healthcare and Hospitals.
  • Synapse Dose is a software aimed at monitoring and analyzing data regarding the radiation dose delivered to the patient during diagnostic tests, in compliance with the European Directive 59/2013 / Euratom.
  • Synapse Theca is a software that allows the long-term storage of electronic documents, in compliance with the Digital Administration Code (CAD) and the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (DPCM) December 3, 2013, guaranteeing their confidentiality, integrity , availability, reliability and authenticity.

For its Bolzano Unit, FUJIFILM Italy has an Information Security Management System which applies the relevant mandatory laws and the requirements of the ISO 27001 Standard with respect to which the Management System has obtained the certification of conformity for the activity of

  • Design, development and consultancy of software solutions for healthcare;
  • Digital Conservation Service in accordance with IT documents.

At the basis of the Management System is the Information Security Policy, in which FUJIFILM Italia defines the primary objective of protecting both the information and data processed and stored, and the technological, physical, logical and organizational structure adopted for their management.

Thanks to the Synapse Theca software and the Preservation Service provided by its own unit in Bolzano, FUJIFILM Italia is accredited by AgID - Agency for Digital Italy; the Technical Agency of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has in fact recognized FUJIFILM Italy as possessing the highest quality and safety requirements. FUJIFILM Italy is therefore registered in the AgID list of Accredited conservatories.