Application examples by industry type

Packaging material


This is a collection of examples of packaging.
Five examples of Heat sealing, Rubber roll mounting, Molding, Risk assesment for collaborative robots and Sealing for snack package are posted.

Table of contents

(1) Equipment settings when changing products, equipment maintenance on Heat Sealing

Industry: Packaging for food, Pharmaceutical products and other applications
Challenges: Poor seals include imperfect seals that are not bonded and false seals that appear to be bonded occur since trial-and-error is the only method to check pressure.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of material loss, Time saving

(2) Assessment of rubber roll mounting quality

Industry: Displays, Prited boards, Lead frames, etc
Challenges: If the adhension of the rubber to the steel core of the lamination nip roll is poor or if the rubber is damaged, lamination defects occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvemnet

(3) Adjustment of molds and injection molding machines

Industry: Molding, Mold making, Injection molding machine manufacture
Challenges: Excessive contact pressure, the failure of parts to make necessary contact, or the generation of burrs may occur since molds are composed of multiple parts and dimensional errors of each part tend to accumulate in the thickness direction.
Benefits of Prescale: Longer mold life, Higher component yield, Malfunction analysis

(4) Perform appropriate risk assessment for collaborative robot by comparing the pressure value when collision occurs between human with an international standard.

Industry: Electronic components, Automotive, Packaging
Challenges: Need to appropriate a risk assessment for adopting a new collaborative robot.
Benefits of Prescale: Able to measure pressure and power with high accuracy

(5) Sealing of snack package (Intersnack inc.)

Industry: Food packaging
Challenges: Setting the pressure for the sealing bar
Benefits of Prescale: Visualize the pressure of the sealing machine and improve sealability