Ultraviolet light distribution measurement film


Type Product size Light Level Light reduction film Thickness
Roll type
(width × length)
Sheet type
(height × width)
UVSCALE LM 270mm×5m 270mm×200mm
(5 sheets)
Low(UVSCALE L) Non-use 0.1mm
Medium(UVSCALE M) use 0.1mm×2
UVSCALE H High(UVSCALE H) use 0.1mm×2

Effective light measurement range for each types

Measurable lamp Type Light Level Effective light amount measurement range*1(mJ/cm2)
High-pressure mercury lamp UVSCALE LM Low 4-200
Medium 50-2000
UVSCALE H High 800-40000
Metal hallde lamp UVSCALE LM Low 6-200
Medium 30-1000
UVSCALE H High 700-20000
Low-pressure mercury lamp UVSCALE LM Low 20-3000
UV-LED lamp(365nm) UVSCALE LM Low 200-6000
Medium 300-7000
UVSCALE H High 5000-100000
  • * Applies to wavelengths in the 200 to 420 nm range
  • * This does not guarantee the absolute values of UV light values.
  • *1 The measurement ranges mentioned above are for when FUD-7010E is used. The amount of light range that can be visually checked is the density on standard color samples (0.30 to 0.75).
Product name/Model

FUD-7010E Ver. 1.3


Dedicated software (CD-ROM), Dedicated cover, Calibration sheet

Main functions

Analyzing UVSCALE images (measuring amount of accumulated light, displaying light distribution, saving data, CSV data export)

Measurable UV lamp

High-pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, low-pressure mercury lamp, UV-LED (365 nm)

Applicable scanner

Epson A4 Scanner: Perfection V37/V370 , Perfection V60


0.125mm(200dpi), 0.032mm(800dpi)

System requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit), CPU 2 GHz or higher, Memory 2 GB or more, Disk space 2 GB or more,
Display 1024 x 768 60,000 colors or more

Please see the "Product page" for detailed information on functionality, usage, maintenance/repair service, etc. of FUD-7010E. You can also download trial versions and update to the latest version of the products from this web page.