AIRIS™ Vento

The affordable open MRI system which boasts new solutions for speed and automation.

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Open Your Vision, Make a Smart Choice.

AIRIS Vento has been created to offer a complete MRI solution around a flexible design concept for limited spaces, whilst also achieving excellent image quality, ease of operation and patient comfort. With AIRIS Vento’s truly open design, we are leading the way in open MRI.


Efficient Operation

One of the important challenges in MRI is improving throughput. Ease of operation together with image sharing capabilities enhance workflow and support efficient and reliable diagnosis.


High-precision Imaging

One of the most significant factors required for high definition imaging relies on the performance of the magnetic circuitry. Our magnetic circuit technology and unique diagnostic function enables imaging of body regions that can frequently be challenging in conventional MRI systems.


Designed for Comfort

MRI examinations are known to be time consuming and easily affected by motion artefacts. To acquire high-quality images, a comfortable and relaxed examination environment is essential. The wide open gantry and compact gantry design of AIRIS Vento reduces anxiety and provides patients with a high degree of comfort during MR exams.


For more than 30 years, we have been leading the way in open MRI. With more than 7,000 MRI systems delivered worldwide*1, we are at the forefront of Open MRI technology

  • *1 Based on our factory shipment records, as of end of March, 2016.




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Sentinel Customer Support

This ensures that your system is kept running smoothly and efficiently through round the clock monitoring. It provides proactive first class reliability for stability and maintenance.

System status screen

  • * Users are required to set up their network environment to make it compatible with Sentinel. The level of service may vary depending on the contractual coverage.