Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisationof FUJIFILM systems and probes

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

COVID-19 and disinfection

COVID-19 is an enveloped virus. Please chose a disinfectant active against enveloped viruses out of the list of approved disinfectants for your product. Clean and disinfect before and after use, according to the standard instructions in the manual.
Log in via below link to find your ultrasound systems’ manual.

About Reprocessing

The international standard EN ISO 17664 specifies the information to be provided by the manufacturer for reprocessing of reusable medical devices. The words reprocessing and processing have the same meaning in this context. Reprocessing includes where applicable: pre-treatment at the point of use before cleaning; preparation before cleaning; cleaning; disinfection; drying; inspection, maintenance and functionality testing; packaging, sterilization, storage, transportation. The methods described in the manufacturers manual have to be validated regarding effectiveness. Furthermore the manufacturer approves agents tested for material compatibility.

Instructions for ultrasound probes

Use the link below to find the reprocessing instructions for your particular ultrasound probe. You will also find a list of tested agents (cleaners, disinfectants, sterilisation methods).

Instructions for ultrasound systems

You can find a list of tested cleaners and disinfectants for your particular ultrasound system.

Please have the model type and serial number of your ultrasound probe or system available. You can find this information easily on the label of the device which, for the main system, is on the rear side, and for the probe is on the connector.