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[photo] Tip of duodenoscope



A duodenoscope which supports efficient ERCP with less stress.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.


Improved 1 : G7 control portion and advanced force transmission

[image] Graph demonstrating gradual change in flexibility, ranging from soft to hard, on the distal end to the control portion
[image] Insertion tube of duodenoscope pushing through stomach and rotating
Intuitive operation

The G7 control portion has a rounded surface design to fit in the hand, and its button layout makes intuitive operation possible.

Advanced force transmission

With the optimized elastic material and the elasticity gradually increasing from the distal end to the control portion, the insertion portion enables more efficient transmission of pushing and rotating forces as intended by the physician.

Improved 2 : Increased angle of endotherapy devices

[image] ED-530XT/XT8 and ED-580T/XT angles of forceps elevator in stomach
[photo] Forceps on duodenoscope device interacting with soft tissue inside body

Case image of increased angle of endotherapy devices

The forceps elevator design offers increased maximum angle of endotherapy devices.
The movement of forceps elevator has good response for forceps elevator lever movement.

Improved 3 : Easier distal end cleaning

[photo] Distal end/tip of duodenoscope with end cap removed and brush touching distal end to clean

The single-use distal end cap permits easier brushing access to the distal end of the endoscope. In addition, the elevator wire is sealed to allow easier cleaning.