Professional Laboratories

Fuji Hunt RA4 chemistry for professional laboratories is available in a wide range of products and pack sizes to suit all requirements.

CPRA Developer AC is a standard 35°C developer, suitable for use in a wide range of processors - typically roller transport processors in professional laboratories. This developer has a replenishment rate of 160 ml/m²

CPRA Digital Pro Developer AC and CPRA Digital Pro Bleach-Fix are special formulas for use with roller transport processors in professional laboratories, and is designed to boost the DMax on digital paper writers such as the Durst Lambda, Theta and Epsilon, Océ LightJet, Polielettronica LaserLab, ZBE Chromira and Noritsu LPR-24.

CPRA Digital Pro developer offers many important benefits over any conventional developer. These include vibrant saturated colours, deep intense blacks, and an excellent balance between "flare" and "DMax". Other benefits include Air Controlled two-part chemistry, excellent process stability and oxidation resistance, improved ease of printer calibration, and generation of a larger colour space for all-round improvements to print quality.