R&D Vision

[image] R&D Vision

Naoto Yanagihara
Senior Vice President
General Manager, Research & Development Management Headquarters

Operating in a wide range of business fields and with various business models, Fujifilm possesses diversity in its portfolio, technological assets, and human resources unseen in other companies. While it is only natural for researchers to delve deeper into their fields of specialization, our researchers also possess breadth of knowledge and experience because of their cooperative work with coworkers. There are countless examples of this, including mathematicians understanding the significance of medical diagnostic imaging and working on bio-related experiments, process engineers applying cutting-edge AI to manufacturing, and scientists conducting basic research on materials working with customers throughout the world at Open Innovation Hubs to create new topics as the “face of Fujifilm.” The strength of Fujifilm’s R&D is its ability to establish broad cooperation within the company.
On the other hand, there are limits to what can be done on one’s own, and therefore, we also actively work to partner with parties outside the company.

Fujifilm is now transforming itself from a “company that responds to expected changes” to “one that creates change.” R&D plays a role in creating change by providing customers with value only possible from Fujifilm, a company that pursues meaning for clients and possesses real products.
We will use advanced proprietary technology to create numerous products and services that incorporate new ideas and make those available to the world.

In line with the following five R&D policies, we strive to undertake “robust new business development that contributes to enhancing the quality of life” and to generate “sustained growth of existing businesses through innovative new products.”