[photo] Boat ride on the ocean and TECHNO-STABI Series binocular with an indoor theatre background


Proven Performance and Image Stabilization

[photo] HYPER-CLARITY Series with an above the ground view of the forest and mountains background


Discover what has yet to be seen with hyper-clear field of view

[photo] FMT Series Binoculars with a sun setting over the ocean background

FMT Series

The apex of optical performance and durability in Fujinon Binoculars

[photo] MT Series text and an MT Series Binocular with a bird catching a fish from the ocean background

MT Series

The choice of professionals

[photo] Mariner Series Binocular with an aerial view of a speedboat on the ocean background

Mariner Series

Quality and afford-ability

[photo] LB150 Series binocular with a night time astro-photography background

LB150 Series

Unrivaled optics for those that need more than this world can offer

[photo] A bird on a tree branch and a KF Series binocular with an evening baseball game at a baseball stadium background

KF Series

The small compact roof prism body structure allows for easy carrying and transporting