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Expansion Unit EX-Mobile

An open platform that provides an integrated operating environment to install image processing software.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Only through challenge
do we make the impossible possible

Expansion Unit EX-Mobile

Fujifilm is striving to deliver comprehensive care to every corner of the world

We are continuously working hard to deliver the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence-Computed Aided Diagnosis (AI-CAD) software that supports diagnostic imaging with deep learning.

“Expansion Unit EX-Mobile”  is an optional accessory product for FDR DEVO II and is a newly developed open platform that provides an integrated operating environment to install such as AI-CAD software. Its compact and lightweight design enables it to be carried outside of hospital to expand access to advanced healthcare.

With Portable X-ray System

Utilizing its compact design and portability


FDR Xair's portability and operability allows the user to take X-ray images in places with limited space. It can be used with FDR D-EVO II to utilize image processing software even in unconventional medical scenes.

With General X-ray System

Compatible and Optimal X-ray Solution


With the wide variety of generators FDR Smart X supports, the systems FDR Smart X can be configured to meet installation requirements at customer sites even where there is limitation on electricity supply or anxiety of an unstable electricity supply.

In addition to the panel surface with Hydro Ag, the series complies with the waterproofing standard IPX6. It can dispel uneasiness regarding the possible entry of blood or vomit. Further, it has achieved load bearing of 310 kg.

Product Name:Expansion Unit EX-Mobile  (Model number: EX-M1)